Why the Justice for Immigrants and Families Project is Important to Larkin and Lacey

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The Misrepresentation and Under-representation of Immigrants

Bearing in mind that Arizona as a state has over 300,000 undocumented persons, it is just ironic that Maricapa County has no human rights organization offering free legal services. Or even if it can never be free, then one that offers the same at affordable rates is just inevitable.

With such challenges, it has become a bit complicated for persons such as non-detained immigrants facing deportation cases to get legal representation. More precisely, the immigrant families had faced rising cases of informal removal from the US without any justification to having violated immigration laws.

Worsening of this case therefore springs from the fact that nearly half of the immigrant families live below the poverty line. In such a scenario, affording adequate legal representation becomes a luxury. Heeding to this outcry from most residents of Phoenix who had severity of under representation issues, the Justice for Immigrants and Families Project (JIIF) was formed and the article will look at the various duties it does and hopes to do in the possible future.

Valid Access to Justice and Fair Representation

First and foremost, the JIIF will fundamentally provide access to justice to the oppressed immigrants residing in Phoenix area in Arizona. Moving forward, the venture will go a long way in ensuring that they directly represent the immigrants from Maricopa County. How?

It will be through their representation in removal proceedings through training the immigrants and even referring sophisticated cases to some of the reputable pro bono attorneys who can aid them through the murky justice systems in the US.

Equipping Immigrants with Knowledge on their Immigration Rights

Secondly, the project will offer the much needed “Know Ones Rights” orientations that quip the victims with an in depth understanding of the provisions of the constitution regarding the immigrants and how to articulate their rights in a non-provocative manner. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

Other initiatives such as group workshops, access to your self-help legal guide and legal consultations will follow through just ensure that the victim has confidence through the process. With such ventures, not only will the immigrants from Phoenix be empowered but also ensure as an immigrant there is no barrier to any socio-economic opportunity.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Financial Role

Finally, under the umbrella of the Jim Larkin’s and Michael Lacey’s Frontera Fund, Phoenix Legal Action Network will protect the interests of the immigrants from Phoenix who have for long been deprived of adequate legal representation on the basis of low financial incomes and other devastation-related issues.

More emphatically, such services will be able to reach out to all immigrants irrespective of the religion, race or even political affiliation. Even as Jim  and Michael press on with the advocacy and funding part, the group will also aid in advocating for voting rights, police accountability and a reformed criminal justice. With a wealth of experienced attorneys providing pro bono legal services, the women, racial and religious minorities and immigrants will have an enhanced system that disregards discrimination.

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