Brazilian Legal Career and Influence of Ricardo Tosto in Shaping Young Law Graduates

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Brazilian legal career is a promising one in many ways and offers better opportunities to the young law graduates. Ricardo Tosto, a prominent lawyer and partner at Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados, says the industry has a greater potential for growth considering the economic growth of the country. The legal system of Brazil is based on the Roman legal system with contributions from the Napoleonic Code, the Germanic law, and the Portuguese law. It should be noted that Brazil follows civil law system and has a state-level judiciary and federal level judiciary with Supreme Federal Court as the highest court of order. The apex court also acts as the guardian of the Brazilian constitution with the rights to declare federal or state laws void if they are found to be unconstitutional.

The course of law in the country is considered to be one of most promising, and many thousands of students enroll for the law graduation every year. The Brazilian Law graduation is a five-year program, and it is offered by both private and public schools that are accredited by the National Commission of Legal Education. It should be noted that the curriculum followed by various law schools may not be same. However, there are three axes of subjects across the law schools, and that are basic education axis, professional education axis, and practical education axis. After completing law graduation, people should pass Brazilian Bar Examination to become a lawyer. After passing the Bar examination, the young lawyers can specialize any area of law according to their choice.

Ricardo Tosto is known as a litigation expert with excellent entrepreneurial skills. His strategies made his law firm grew from a small room start-up to one of the largest litigation companies in the country. Ricardo Tosto is known across the Brazilian legal circle and credited for defending various multi national corporations and renowned politicians.

Through his firm, Ricardo Tosto mentors young lawyers and help them to solve to legal complexities in the most efficient manner. With his decades of experience in the legal sector, Ricardo Tosto identifies the potential of various young candidates and leads them to display the optimum consistently. He completed his law graduation from Mackenzie Presbyterian University and secured his Business Administration from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation.

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