Underground Culture Gains Bigger Audiences Thanks to Social Media

// Published August 5, 2017 by User1

The counter culture is changing in a lot of ways because the Internet has presented so many different things for people to see. There is a whole market of counter culture entertainment that is totally changing social media.

Counter culture has become something that is very prominent because a lot of people are able to break away from what is considered traditional. There are a lot of people that are actually interested in movies that are created by people that have low budget. There are all types of different industries where people are getting access to more music and short films that are not sold in stores.

Counter Culture also has a lot of different festivals for people that are outside of what is considered mainstream. The Coachella Festival, for example, has become one of the most widely known counter culture events of the year. There is always a big named headliner in place, but there are over 100 artists that are not even played on radio.

Everyone seems to have a desire to engage in underground activity and entertainment because this is much more profitable. It may be hard to believe, but a person that has an independent label will have a much easier time avoiding bootleggers than someone that is that is part of a major label.

The reason for this is the fan base. People that are loyal fans of certain artists are going to patronize someone that is on an independent label because the sales of the album will be the only motivation that the artist has. If the artist is not making any money from the sales when they are independent there is no real reason for them to record. That is why artists switch to underground mixtapes and recordings. Operating costs are much lower.

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