The Underground News and Counter Culture from 1960 to Present Day

// Published August 7, 2017 by User1

Long before the evolution of the online news was the underground news. One of the fascinating things about the underground news was that the participants were also the affected parties and talked from their own experiences. Everything the underground news gave was primary inform. This means that the journalists of underground were activists as well. The press part was treated as a second priority.
The underground news emerged in 1960.The need for its formation was ignited by the fact that when social movements emerged the main media ignored the activities. As a result anyone who wanted an update on the rallies, marches and protests had to go for an alternative source. The underground news also offered entertainment by playing underground music or pop culture which many youths enjoyed.
For a decade, the underground news focused on stories of interest and acquired monopoly powers to what was termed as counter culture. Counter culture is a set of beliefs that go against the norms of the society. However in the year 1971, the underground lost its monopoly powers. The rule that only the underground news would air specific stories was abolished and granted to other station as well. This was a result of the New York Times publishing the Pentagon.
The existence of undergrounds news and counter culture is not dead. It is still alive but in a hidden way. There are still new developments on the two. For example in the USA we have the radar cat machine; this machine is slowly eliminating the human labor needed to control a computer, this is because by a simple hand gesture the device can receive all commands and control the computer

Amazingly people are embracing this machine. The device can assist the blind in the community. New inventions have substantially redefined the relationship between the machine and human beings.

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