Modern Counterculture Views Hallucinogens As Spiritual Quest

// Published August 8, 2017 by User1

Counterculture in America has evolved from the drugs, peace, love and anti-war sentiments of the 1960s to embrace an amazing variety of movements, many of them spiritual in nature, and some of them are putting a new spin on what it means to use psychedelic drugs.

In the 1960s, counterculture hippies were smoking dope and dropping acid to “tune in, turn on and drop out.” It was basically an act of rebellion against establishment American society based on mainstream religion, American exceptionalism, hard work and making money.

But today’s underground subversives are taking powerful hallucinogens for an entirely different purpose: to unlock the secrets of the universe, so expand the mind and come to grips with the human relationship to “All That Is.”

Thousands of seekers have traveled to remote regions of the Amazon forest to meet with rain forest shamans who are masters of a potent hallucinogenic compound known as ayahuasca.

The substance is a brew made up of rain forest vine and other plants. Adventurers in consciousness drink it under the guidance of a shaman. This sends them “out of mind and out of body” to greater realms of consciousness where they can find answers to the deepest questions of human existence.

Many return from the experience feeling expanded, and with the notions that everything they had known, or thought they had known, previously about life was all bogus — a phony delusion. What they gain is a deep and spiritual sense of what reality really is and what it means to be a human being.

Author and leader of the Evolver Social Movement Jonathan Talat Phillips said that crowds at his public lectures have “shattered records.” He said that ayahuasca movement is just one of many spiritually-oriented experiences that is driving the make-up of the modern counterculture today.

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