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Culture refers to the people’s way of way of life. A counterculture, on the other hand, is a group of people whose behavior, norms and values are different from those in the mainstream society. It is a subculture, mostly referred to as a culture within the common culture. A counterculture is antagonistic to the dominant culture.
The term counter culture was first used to describe the hippie’s movement which was seen as a rebellion group as it went against the norms of society. The group advocated for racial desegregation, civil rights, women rights and greater sexual freedom. The group was said to rebel in search of rights for the minority groups. Other counter culture groups were for instance families that decided to school their children at home rather than taking them to public schools, which was the traditional way of educating children. Information presented in state that culture is a potent tool of the social world and contradicting it may lead to segregation.
In the modern society, there has emerged various groups on counter culture. The growth of technology has for instance brought in the gamer counterculture. Video games have existed for quite some time, but recently a group of players has emerged as counter cultured.gaming has turned into an interactive as well as an addictive activity. The gamers culture has therefore cropped a group of both experienced and inexperienced players who seem o have different norms and events from the rest of the people. They spend their time differently, interact with people differently as well as use their time, resources and energy differently. To the gamers, video games are part of their life, their culture to be precise. With new accessories, hardware, and software they can culture themselves differently from people in the primary culture. Their time is spent updating systems, purchasing new games and looking into new gaming trend.

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