The Counter Culture Always Looks Backwards In A Haze

// Published August 11, 2017 by User1

America’s history of its drug counter culture commenced in 1887, with the first synthesis of the stimulant amphetamine, which was a celebrated drug in the 1920’s and used in medical treatments. .

In the 30’s, amphetamine (known as Benzedrine) found its way to the street by truck drivers were taking this illicit drug to keep them awake. WWII soldiers fought both the war and combat fatigue bolstered by amphetamines.

As the legal use of this deadly drug increased, so did its use on the black market of “pep” pills and needles in the 50’s.Injectable amphetamine (methamphetamine) reached towards a peek, causing law enforcement to step in with a crackdown against San Fransico pharmacies.

Smoking crystal meth was popularized in the 90’s by “mom and pop” laboratories until Mexican criminals took their share of the business.

Along with amphetamine, cocaine was on a parallel course in the world, popularized, as a psychotropic drug by the influential Sigmund Freud. The well-known brand, Coca-Cola, rose to its initial popularity with mixing its syrup with material derived from coca leaves. Coca-Cola removed cocaine but kept its name.

Cocaine became a preferred additive in tonics in the 1900’s, until this drug became regulated. Crack destroyed the reputation of cocaine which was, relatively, considered harmless.

Heroin’s siblings were both cocaine and amphetamine. In 1895, Heinrich Dreser, a German chemist for the Bayer Company synthesized heroin in 1895. It makes sense that Bayer’s little pills for headaches, at that time, produced miraculous cures.

The newest bright shiny thing is opioids, which are killing people all over America. Opioids are a pain killer, made with Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, kills people.

The media promotes horrific reports of parents slumped over in their parked car’s front seat, with their child strapped into its car seat. What is the next shiny thing?

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