Sipping Success With Traveling Vineyard

// Published August 12, 2017 by User1

The loud obnoxious buzz of an alarm clock, the frustrating commute to work and the endless shots of coffee to get through the day. As bad as that sounds, it is a cold- hard reality for many Americans. Wouldn’t you like to escape the 9-5 grind and gain financial independence while doing something you enjoy? Well, with Traveling Vineyard, that is now possible!

How does Traveling Vineyard work?

The Traveling Vineyard business model works by pairing all submitted applicants or inquirers with a leader in their area. This leader will guide them in this process. This leader will allow the applicant to call them. The applicant can then ask any questions they may have or come in person to view a live demonstration. Once the decision is made to join, they may access the “tasting room”. The “tasting room” is essentially the online back office training area of all Traveling Vineyard modules, tutorials and training materials. These modules include such subjects as ” how to approach customers” and “how to market the products efficiently”. At the completion of each module is a test. This is to assess your understanding of the module taught.

Another very helpful part of the Traveling Vineyard business model is the Harvest Conference ( a must for guides). The Conference offers additional training and an opportunity to be coached/ mentored by an actual business leader. If the Harvest Conference can not be attending, Traveling Vineyard hosts regional events as well.

Soon as the applicant signs up, they will receive a success kit. In this kit, they will have the materials necessary for them to begin hosting tasting events and selling products.
The success kit includes:

Ten bottles of wine
Wine glasses
A Carrier
The Sommology kit ( a guide of all one needs to know about wine tasting)

What are the Benefits?

The Benefits of this business are plenty. Financial freedom, open schedule, no commute, time with family & friends, business training and support, to name a few. Not to mention the obvious, doing something enjoyable like sipping wine with friends. Overall, The Traveling Vineyard business model gives it’s guides ample opportunities for both education and growth.

The Future of Traveling Vineyard…

According to Wikipedia, As of May 2017, Traveling Vineyard has over 5,000 independent Wine Guides in 40 states in the United States (MainlyTwelve, 2017). In addition, we can see in the site for The Traveling Vineyard company, it’s numerous associations and followers. This pattern in the social media presence of Traveling Vineyard suggests confirmation of this data and its potential upward future growth. Subsequently, that makes it an attractive time to join this lucrative business and finally sip success!

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