More About Investigations On Trump Business

// Published August 13, 2017 by User1

Robert Mueller is the special counsel who is examining several transactions that involve the businesses of President Donald Trump, and of his associates.

These include the purchases of several apartments in buildings that have been developed by Trump. Another investigation is with regard to the involvement of Trump with Russian associates. This was a development in New York in SoHo. Another was in the Miss Universe pageant in 2013 that was held in Moscow. In 2008, Trump had sold a Florida mansion. It was a sale that was made to a Russian oligarch. All these transactions are now under the scrutiny of Robert Mueller.

Another case being looked into is with regard to the Bank of Cyprus. Here Wilbur Ross had been serving as the vice chairman of this bank. Later he was appointed as the Commerce Secretary. Some of the real estate properties of the son-in-law and the aides had secured their financing through this bank. All these dealings and financings are now under inquiry.

The investigations of Robert Mueller initiated due to an investigation into money laundering that had been started by the U.S. Attorney, Preet Bharara. It is to be noted here that Preet Bharara had been fired by Trump in March.

Here Trump has already stated said that Mueller is crossing his limits if his investigations now proceed into the family finances of Trump and are not just limited to the ties with Russia.

He clarified that all these investigations were about Russia and hence this is a violation. It was in May that the Justice Department had appointed Robert Mueller as the special counsel. This was when Trump had fired FBI Director, James Comey.

Trump has always maintained that this Russia investigation is going to yield no results. He has denied any kind of collaboration with Moscow.

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