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It might seem funny to you, but to me am not surprised. In Canada, beer is such a darling to an extent only drinks about eighty liters per year. So as you can imagine, I had to find the reason.

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But before I expose it I think you should consider visiting during your next vacation. Why?


Because in Canada, they are not just beer lovers, they are the best brewers. They do it with all their hearts, no wonder they cannot even sit and relax without holding a bottle of Pale Ale.


Canada’s brewers have brought it so much glory that they are now exporting their products, and I guess the statisticians will have to do something new because we are joining the club!


Craft beer is popular among the residents and was first introduced by the likes of Eli Gershkovitch, CEO of Steamworks group of companies.


The five top rated beers in Canada are;

Peche Mortel

Peche Mortel En Fut De Bourbon American

La Fin Du Monde




Besides Steamworks brewery headed by Eli Gershkovitch, let’s see who else is making it in the beer industry in Canada (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6457149/).


Garrison Brewery – the brewery is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It introduced the craft beer to this district back in 1997 and now boasts of their best-selling Irish Red Ale.


Muskoka Brewery based in Muskoka district. The company boasts of its roots in Canada (owned by a Canadian). Their signature beer is Muskoka Cream Ale which is best-selling around the Muskoka area.


Persephone Brewing Company – popularly known as ‘the beer farm,’ the company is based in Gibsons B.C.


Flying Monkey Craft Brewery – just like Eli Gershkovitch, its founder Peter Chiodo started small and grew with the demand. Now he is offering lots of brews to choose from.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkoitch is a former lawyer. He is the founder of Steamworks group companies, the best craft brewing company in Canada. Just like many determined entrepreneurs, Eli Gershkovitch started Steamworks as a pub back in 1995, and he grew to now brewing his beer.


Eli Gershkovitch believes in being in control of your life, your work, and even your business, that’s why he is willing to leave money on the table if it means trading it with the freedom of control.


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