Warner Music to Release 1986 Replacements Concert

// Published August 15, 2017 by User1

The Replacements used a 24-track mobile recording studio to capture their 1986 performance at Maxwell’s in New Jersey. For the past 30 years that recording has been shelved at Warner Music. This October, the music publisher will release the recordings as For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986. The album will be available digitally as well as on vinyl and compact disc.

Replacements fans will find plenty to be excited about with this release. Although there are a few B-sides and covers, there are also many of the band’s more popular songs. This is the first time a live Replacements show will be available since 1985, when they released a concert recording that was only available on cassette. This concert is also one of the last times the original Replacements band members played together, making it something of a nostalgia trip for those who have been listening to the band for a long time. Bob Stinson, the guitarist, left the band just a year after this recording was made.

The old recordings were remastered in 2007 and mixed properly, but it took another 10 years for the project to be ready for release. One of the standout tracks on the new release is an edgy version of the band’s hit “Can’t Hardly Wait.” Other staples on the LP are “Kiss Me on the Bus” and “Favorite Thing.” The covers run the gamut from T.Rex to the Beatles. Warner has announced they will release the album on the Rhino label Friday, October 6, 2017.

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