You Might Be Surprised by the Kinds of People Who Are in Open Relationships

// Published August 16, 2017 by User1

Open relationships are becoming more prevalent in our society these days. While polygamy, in which a man is married to several women, is portrayed most often in the media, there are all kinds of ways in which people can structure relationships that involve more than one person. Despite the fact that more people are pursuing these types of structures, the concept is still not embraced fully by mainstream culture. These days, however, you may be surprised by the kinds of people who are in open relationships.

The Couple Nextdoor

In fact, they could be the seemingly normal heterosexual married couple living nextdoor to you. A recent article by a woman who is involved in an open marriage describes she and her husband as “two ordinary government employees in Washington, D.C.” She recounts how folks often think that polyamorous people meet in odd places like arts festivals or social networks for swingers.

Some Relevant Terms

As used above, “polyamorous” refers to those who are involved in more than one relationship. Broken down, the term means “many loves.” Swingers differ because, rather than being involved in relationship, they simply seek to connect with others on a sexual level without any commitments. There are various other terms you may come across such as triads, involving three people, and polycules, which refers to a group of people bound together through interrelated relationships.

Communication Matters

As the author of the referenced article emphasizes, no matter what type of structure it may be, all open relationships require a great deal of communication to survive. This goes beyond the level needed in monogamous pairings. Issues such as STIs, jealousy, money and scheduling are magnified in these types of formations.

Open relationships may be different than what you’re used to, but they can work well for people from all walks of life. You never know who is or isn’t polyamorous.

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