Coldplay Collaborates with Big Sean in the Inspirational Hit “Miracles (Something Special)

// Published August 17, 2017 by User1

Coldplay has once more raised eyebrows for the most soothing and inspirational reasons. Following the milestone that the English Rockers hit in 2015 after the release of their second album, “A Head Full of Dreams”, no one expected the “Memory Just Like This” hitmaker has done it again- Coldplay released the digital version of their new album, Kaleidoscope EP, that is more of a throat-clearer than an absolute statement.

EP is the official acronym for Extended Play. However, thinking of the length of time it took the band to get us grooving to their soothing guitar tunes, the term may be used to depict the suspension in which the long tolled on their fans. That being said, Kaleidoscope EP is just a starter, for the menu is yet to come. “It’ll dawn on me as a surprise if Coldplay could release another conventional album,” the band’s lead singer Chris Martin told Zane Lowe in 2016. But it seems like the future had something contrary in store.

The EP album features a rather queer, yet exciting collaboration. “Miracles (Something Special)” featured one of Hip-Hop’s most celebrated and exciting rappers, Big Sean. The hit has hit the airwaves and fans have open heartedly welcomed it. It is an inspiring documentary song, that speaks to the despaired and the timid.

Chris Martin starts off the song with a pang of nostalgia, remembering the words of encouragement that his father told him while he was but a boy. He sings,” My father said never give up son/ Just look how good Cassius become/ Muhammad, Mahatma, and Nelson/ Not scared to be strong.” The preceding line is designed to suggest the importance of developing a winning attitude, despite all scolds that people show us.

Big Sean, the guest artist, induces the rap funk flow in the song, but his lines majorly focus on the days when he was dangling in life’s gutters without many finances. “Look I paid my intuition I couldn’t afford tuition/ My funds was insufficient, it felt like I’m in prison.” Here, the “Blessings” rapper challenges people to never give up on their most cherished ambitions.

The song is a heart-warming hit that lightens you up, when in at the center of life’s trouble dungeon.

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