The Reason Why Hipsters All Look Alike

// Published August 19, 2017 by User1

Isn’t it kind of ironic that those among us who are supposed to be the most counter to our prevailing culture all seem to look the same? They dress in their plaid and fashionable glasses and we call them hipsters. Why is it then that those who are trying to go against the prevailing culture end up looking like one another? According to The Huffington Post, a mathematician may have the answer.

The mathematician looked at how human beings react to trends in general. What he wanted to know is why those who seek to be contrarian seem to all make the same types of decisions at around the same time. This research could be applied to other topics of interest as well such as sports, the stock market, even politics. What he uncovered was pretty astounding.

It turns out that human beings have a bit of a delayed reaction when it comes to recognizing trends in the culture in the first place. As such, those who see those trends and want to defy them end up clustering around the same types of defiant behavior at roughly the same time. The next thing you know, you have created a whole new sub culture in and of itself.

Humorously, it is possible to actually start marketing to that new counter-culture and selling them the tools of the trade so to speak. The mainstream culture sells the counter-culture the things they think they need to defy that mainstream culture in the first place. The rest of society often sits back and chuckles at the irony of all of this.

This is perhaps the first time that someone has been able to nail down exactly why people who try to be different actually end up looking very similar to one another. At least now you know the next time you see a group of hipsters clustered together.

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