Revisiting The Greatest Counter-Cultural Period In American History

// Published August 23, 2017 by User1

The 1970s are defined in American history in a lot of ways by the counter-cultural movement taking place. The anti-establishment sentiment was strong if not always shared by the entire population. It left such an imprint on society that the entire decade is often tied in to that movement in the minds of many.

This year some professors from Northwestern University along with many other scholars are meeting up in San Francisco to discuss the 50th anniversary of the “Summer of Love” along with all of the counter-cultural aspects of that time period.

There were so many things happening in San Francisco 50 years ago that are related to the counter-cultural movement. It was not just about the sex, drugs, and free love. There were movements for feminists, gay rights activist, and those who wanted us to pay more attention to environmental issues. Basically, any liberal political idea that you can imagine was a part of this overall movement going on in San Francisco and throughout the country at the time.

San Francisco still plays host to a lot of those who wish to be counter-cultural in their points of view. It is the birthplace of the gay-rights movement and a place that a lot of sleek technology companies call home. It is a place reviled by some and loved by others. Whatever your view is, there is little doubt that this is a great place for intellectuals to meet to discuss the counter-cultural movement.

All of these great minds are meeting to try to figure out what we can learn from the counter-cultural movements of the past and how they might impact our future. These meetings are great because they help bring some who have been thinking about this together to figure out what the lesson is from these big movements.

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