Andrew Rolfe’s Transnational Career and the Ubuntu Fund’s Future

// Published September 1, 2017 by User1

The Ubuntu Education Fund is one of the most inspiring philanthropic stories. Recently, they organized a charity gala that was attended by leading philanthropists and renowned socialists from London. The fortune that the event raised of more than British pound 603,000 exemplifies the impact that the education fund has had on numerous lives around Port Elizabeth.

The fund has gone a long way to impact on the educational future of many recipients as well as helping in reducing the rate of HIV prevalence and infections in the region. The touching story of Sinesipho, a young girl whom family was affected by alcoholism from her father, narrated poignantly how she struggled through in her education and how she succeeded thanks to Ubuntu fund. The Ubuntu fund, founded in 1999, has grown to be a life changing organization, too many others, a success journey that can also be attributed to the leadership of Andrew Rolfe.

Andrew Rolfe experience journey as a distinguished business leader has been long. He has served in several transnational companies in a leadership position such as Pret A Manger as CEO and Chairman. He also served as President of The Gap Inc. He currently also serves as the managing director at Tower book capital Partners.

The chairman is an alma mater of Harvard University where he graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration. He previously had attended Oxford University for his undergraduate studies in Philosophy, Economics, and Politics. He also attended the Eton College in the 1980’s.

The chairman wealth of experience in leading several MNCs has provided him with the required networking skills as well as an amalgam of experience on the course of human suffering, making him choose the path of helping many people achieve their dreams that can help them in achieving their full potential. He has been very instrumental in Towerbrook Capital Partners helping companies with the required skills of venturing in multinational trade, noting that he has traversed many countries during his career leading international hotels and restaurants as well as beverages companies. This exposure has come at hand for Ubuntu Education fund.

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