Eli Gershkovitch Confident of the Canadian Craft Beer Industry

// Published September 8, 2017 by User1

The Canadian craft beer industry has boomed in recent years. The founding of most craft beer companies in the industry follows a similar narrative. Usually, young working members of the Canadian society often choose to quit their day jobs, open craft beer company and enjoy a life of freedom doing something that they love forthwith. This trend has become so prevalent in the country that it has become engraved in several television and radio commercials (Thereisnoconsensus). While there were just 310 craft beer companies in the country in 2010, the number had more than doubled in 2015, standing at 640.

The government has played a great role in the boom in the craft beer industry that has been witnessed in recent years. Government subsidies and massive investments in capital and marketing have both been seen in different regions in the country, carried out by the local governments. The effects of such significant government investments are usually seen during the Craft Beer Week in June every year when many craft beer companies showcase their wares in a weeklong celebration. The ease of entry into the industry, the strong returns for the investors and the growing popularity of the beer have all played a significant role in making craft beer a part of Canadian culture over the past decade.


One of the young Canadian who has joined in on the craft beer wave is Eli Gershkovitch. Eli Gershkovitch is a lawyer by profession who grew in love with craft beer during a visit Heidelberg, Germany, where he was exposed to Belgian beer. During the trip, Eli Gershkovitch visited a microbrewery, which he claims that he found impressive but not big enough to be intimidating. Before he could throw his weight into the industry, however, he practiced law in a Vancouver firm. He says that it was during this stint at the business that he learned the ropes of the craft beer industry by working with clients in the industry and gaining meaningful connections. Eli Gershkovitch went on to start Steamworks Beer Company in Gastown. Under the able leadership of Eli Gershkovitch, the company has grown exponentially in a short time, producing pilsner and ale in bulk of the past few years. Eli Gershkovitch is confident that the craft beer industry will weather the storms of the future and that it is not a bubble that will burst in time.

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