Orange Coast College Planetarium

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Orange Coast College, located in Southern California, is constructing a new planetarium whose budget is $20 million. A former instructor, Professor Mary McChesney, recently made a generous donation of $1 million towards the project. This donation will fund the purchase of a device that demonstrates the rotation of the earth known as the Foucault pendulum. This is going to be the first of its kind in Orange County.



McChesney made the donation in honor of her partner, Professor Adelyn Bonin, who passed on in January. Professor McChesney loves the Orange Coast College and hopes that the pendulum will be a symbol of hope and promise for an exciting future. She goes on to point out that the donation is not just hers, but is half Bonin’s. McChesney was a Spanish and English Professor and her partner, Bonin, was a German Professor, and they both retired in 1983. She has been actively donating towards the foundation and towards the school’s scholarships.



Construction of the planetarium began in 2016, after tearing down one that was constructed in the 1950s. This new facility includes an auditorium with a capacity of 129, compared to the previous auditorium which could only hold 35 people. It is also going to have an exhibit hall. This project is expected to have been completed by the 2018 fall semester, when it will be officially opened.



Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 and is the third largest college in Orange County. It enrolls more than 25,000 students every semester and has grown to be one of the finest community colleges in the nation. It offers more than 135 academic programs and ranks first, in terms of the number of students it transfers to the University of California and California state University, among community colleges in all of Orange County.


Students are given the opportunity to improve their talents at the facility, as it has a variety of sports programs such as baseball, basketball, golf, cross country, etc. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and offers winter, spring, summer and fall classes.


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