Securus Technologies Being in Touch with Family and Friends Made Easy by Securus Technologies

// Published September 13, 2017 by User1

The role of friends and family members in the rehabilitation of prisoners is important and should not be overlooked. The primary test for the prisoners starts once they return home and move in with their family and friends. The visits in the prisoners allow the prisoners to maintain relationships with their loved once and can significantly affect the behavior of the prisoners once they are released. When it comes to prison technology, most companies run far from it because they do not want to deal with inmates. Securus Technologies, on the other hand, has not only helped the prisons become safer, but also invests substantially in the rehabilitation of the prisoners.

Securus Technologies recently introduced video visitation in some of the prisons and had plans to make it effective in almost all of the prisons they are associated with by the end of the year. When the video visitation services were first made known to the prison officials, not everyone was convinced with the idea. But, within a few weeks of its implementations, the officials saw a significant change. While they had less work to do, the video visitation also worked as a rehabilitation program for the prisoners.

I was completing my sentence in prison and saw a presentation about the video visitation services by Securus Technologies. I wanted to try it since my wife along with my kids was in another state that time for work. I talked to my wife that day and could not have been happier. On my birthday, my wife arranged for a video visitation so that she could cut a birthday cake in front of my kids. Being able to talk to them and see them made me regret all the bad things I did and I want to get back to my family and start a new life once I leave the prison. All this could happen only because of Securus Technologies.


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