Promoting Communities with Rocketship Education

// Published September 20, 2017 by User1

Angelica Del Rio is among the 1st grade teachers who are working inconjuction with the Rocketship Education. Based in California, the charter school has managed to change the lives of numerous individuals in the United States. After arriving in the United States many decades ago, Angelica had no idea that she will be allowed to legally live there for a long period of time, attend college and later become a teacher. Born in Mexico, Angelica Del Rio moved together with her family to San Jose when she was only one year old.

After relocating to the new county, Angelica’s family went to live in a 2 bedroom apartment while her father worked tirelessly to make sure that the family lived a comfortable life. After living in the apartment for almost five years, the family managed to get their first home in the United States. Angelica Del Rosa was enrolled to school at one of the local schools where she studied hard and managed to get good grades. While in middle school, life however changed and Angelica she made a decision to work extra hard in order to get better grades and avoid disappointing her family. It was at this point that Angelica made a decision to memorize her entire books through writing on paper. After President Obama managed to pass the DACA program, Angelica was able to get a driving license, security number as well as working permits. It was after this that she got an opportunity to learn Rocketship and later teach it.

The Rocketship school has given Angelica an opportunity to prove that she can make her life successful. Rocketship is a network of public charter schools that is non-profit and serves disadvantaged communities from all parts of the country. The institution was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith and is committed to the categories of education, E-learning and EdTech. The company was established in 2006 and has employed almost 1,000 employees. The institution is committed to see that all persons from disadvantaged backgrounds get a chance to study and pursue their career of their choice such as Angelica Del Rio.


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