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// Published September 29, 2017 by User1

Bob Reina the Founder and Managing Director of a Florida-based digital marketing company, Talk Fusion, has announced that the firm’s much-anticipated training program, Talk Fusion University, is officially underway. Talk Fusion distributes its products through its Independent Associates in over 140 countries. Driven by the passion for helping its associates excel, Talk Fusion University will offer free online training in the form of educational articles, PDF downloads, and white papers. Again, it will allow the associates to access video series featuring advice from Bob Reina, the company’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.


Bob Reina, a former policeman, had no sales experience when he ventured into direct selling business. Through hard work and dedication, Bob Reina has grown his venture, Talk Fusion, to a globally recognized brand. Bob Reina attributes his success in the network marketing industry to a proven and simple system. He believes that anyone can become successful as long as you are driven by the right drive and determination. Bob Reina’s success is proof that anyone can thrive in the network marketing industry.


As Talk Fusion prepares to launch its university, Bob Reina is releasing a series of videos via Facebook Live and corporate broadcasts. Talk Fusion’s much-anticipated video series will cover topics ranging from getting your business off the ground, building prospect list, overcoming objections, finding your motivation, and advice on how to follow-up Bob Reina’s success footprints. When Bob Reina started Talk Fusion, he wanted to demonstrate that everyone can live a better life.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion initiated the development of the world’s first fully-packaged video marketing solution. The Florida-based network marketing company dedicated to helping its associates increase sales and profits, remain competitive and retain their loyal customers. It offers dynamic video marketing solutions to make marketing more engaging and persuasive.


Talk Fusion has several Independent Associates through which it markets its products in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion’s 30 days Free Trial of its fully-packaged marketing platform is available for anyone who would want to try before subscribing to their services. Founded in 2007, Talk Fusion has interest in charitable initiatives. It devotes time and resources to support communities and animal charities across the world. Learn more:


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