Imran Haque, Horizon, and What They Mean for North Carolina

// Published October 1, 2017 by User1

Rural areas of the Tar Heel state aren’t known for having vast abundances of doctors, unfortunately for the people who live there. Just like other small towns in the Southeast, the tiny towns of Ramseur and Asheboro didn’t have great doctors, not just a shortage of medical professionals.

Imran Haque has helped improve the quality of medical care in these two cities, along with other rural areas in the state of North Carolina. Not only has Dr. Imran Haque seen thousands of patients – yes, 1,000s – throughout his 16-year career in the Tar Heel state, he’s even founded two medical facilities with a full staff of medical professionals to help rural residents of North Carolina get the help they so desperately deserve.

Dr. Imran Haque first went to a medical school in the Caribbean named Universidad Iberoamerican, or UNIBE. After finishing his four years at UNIBE, he then went to a residential program at the University of Virginia.

Starting in 1998, the same year he was awarded honors with his medical doctorate, Dr. Imran Haque went to the Virginian medical college’s Internal Medicine Program at Roanoke-Salem, a large hospital that is maintained by that university. Imran Haque also served several rural areas outside of this hospital during his three years of necessary training to become a licensed internist.

These three important years helped him discover that he had a passion for helping people in rural areas that didn’t often have insurance, primary care providers, or even transportation to get to medical facilities in the first place. In 2001, he successfully finished the residency and moved to North Carolina to begin his career. Soon after he started working at Randolph Hospital, along with three other hospitals that he still visits to work at today, Mr. Imran Haque earned enough salary to initiate Horizon Internal Medicine.



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