Freedom Financial Network Offers Solutions for the Breach

// Published October 8, 2017 by User1

Recently, the United States credit monitoring bureau, Equifax, experienced a major security breach in which hackers were able to access the personal information, including social security numbers, addresses, and birth dates of 143 million Americans. Because of this breach, nearly half of the people living in the United States have possibly had information pertaining to credit and loan decisions exposed. Due to the security breach, a list of possible solutions has been released that can help you to protect yourself against potential crimes, such as identity theft.

The first step to take is to discover whether or not you have been personally affected by breach. In order to do this, you should contact the Equifax website. This will give you a complete understanding of the entirety of the situation, as well as the process that you will undergo if you are affected. It is also important to register for free credit monitoring, which will be available to all until November 21st. This will allow you to receive a copy of your Equifax credit report and put a freeze on the said report if you have been affected.

While Equifax was the only credit bureau directly affected, it is also a good idea to place a freeze on your credit report with the other credit bureaus. This will disable creditors from reviewing your credit report, and if false credit is attempted to be opened in your name, credit is unlikely to be issued. In order to ensure that you have not been affected by the breach, consistently reviewing your credit reports, reporting suspicious activity, filing your taxes early, and changing any passwords that may allow access to your personal information are highly recommended.

Freedom Financial began in 2002 in Silicon Valley and quickly became one of the leaders in online financial services. Since its inception, Freedom Financial Network has been providing solutions for customers regarding debt settlement, mortgage shopping, and personal loans. Today Freedom Financial has helped to resolve over six billion dollars in debt for their customers.

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