The Inspiring Success Story Of Doe Deere

// Published October 11, 2017 by User1

Famously known as the queen of unicorns, Doe Deere is the Founder and the CEO of one of the most aggressive and daring cosmetic company called Lime Crime. The company is presently famous for its products that seem to push what is the norm in the make-up scenes.

Doe was born in Russia. She studied there up to the age of 17 when she came to America in her pursuit of a career in music. She sang in a band for a couple of years which ignited her love for make-up. She also met her husband who was also a singer and songwriter in the band.

She started Lime Crime in 2004 when she opened an account on eBay for her fashion line. As the solo-model of the fashion line, she wanted to have the freedom of expression and also wanted to create a bold and colorful brand. Therefore, she incorporated the colorful make-up.

According to Doe, the Lime Crime idea was born back when she was sewing clothes. She discovered that bright and daring colors’ were rare. Knowing that there was a market for people who would want to push the boundaries of make-up, she launched the Lime Crime Company in 2008.

The name Lime Crime was motivated by her love for bright green color. She believes that currently, her brand- Lime Crime represents a color revolution: freedom for people to express themselves the way they see fit and have fun with a variety of colors.

Doe Deere is more than a creative in love with bright colors. She is also an entrepreneur. She was named among the top Inspiring Female entrepreneurs by the Self-Made magazine. This is credited with her exemplary work at the Lime Crime. Learn more:

Lime Crime has been a pioneer in e-commerce for beauty products. They have made a niche with the on-lip lipstick and selling it online. Doe expressed a lot of optimism of generation Z. This, to her, is the generation of people who were born after 1997. They are the fully digital generation. This is the generation that is going to buy everything digitally. Therefore, according to Doe, there is going to be a digital revolution with the generation Z becoming the target market.

She is also enthusiastic about other female entrepreneurs. To this end, she welcomes all female entrepreneurs, aspiring and the veterans to connect with her on her Instagram page. She also gives entrepreneurship talks in various forums. Learn more:

Doe postulates that make-up is not about looking natural or looking your best. Instead, it is the freedom to express the best in a person. It is the freedom to have fun and push boundaries. To her, fashion is the right to express oneself.

As an entrepreneur, Doe emphasizes on being a keen listener. She advises that an entrepreneur should listen to the customers, the employees and everyone they come across. There is always something new to learn-she says. She also recommends that one should follow their passion. Have a vision for their passion and follow it up with determination to succeed.

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