How Freedom Debt Relief Successfully Helps and Protects Debtors

// Published October 15, 2017 by User1

There are times when hackers break into bureau systems and steal private information including addresses, social security numbers, and birth dates. This has led to exposition of credit and loan information of nearly half of the United States’ population in the recent past. In case of such security breach, the information owners can take various steps to safeguard their financial history from theft or fraud. They can begin by confirming with the custodians of their information concerning their safety. Free credit protection and monitoring has been improved to enable the users sign up to the Equifax website. They then receive a copy of their Equifax credit report with the ability to freeze their reports once they have confirmed their security. The freeze will ensure that creditors cannot access the users’ information through Equifax.

Alternatively, the users can review their credit reports annually once they get a free copy from the three credit bureaus. They can also conduct regular checks of their credit and bank accounts for any illegal activity without waiting for the monthly statements. If they discover unauthorized charges, they can call their banks immediately for an appropriate action to be taken. The users should ensures that their online passwords mix numbers, letters, and symbols to avoid passwords that thieves can guess or remember easily. They should also file taxes early and be watchful during tax time since some criminals keep monitoring their social security numbers.

Freedom Debt Relief; a leading debt negotiator in the United States is passionate to help debtors overcome the challenge of debt. It was founded in 2002 by Brad Stroh and Andrew Housser with the aim of offering financial solutions, education, and services that enable debtors build wealth, reduce debt, and attain financial freedom. Each time its negotiator experts settle a debt with the creditor, they immediately contact the client for authorization. This becomes a requirement for every settlement they make; thus, the clients are assured of the safety of their information.


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