Wild Ark in Swaziland

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Swaziland is a quaint little country smashed between Mozambique and South Africa. It used to be ruled by the British Empire. Legend has it, when they gained their independence, they celebrated for forty days and forty nights. Today, it is one of the last remaining true monarchies in the world.

Swaziland is definitely for the more adventurous souls out there. You can go whitewater rafting in grade 4 whitewater rafting raging rivers. The Usutu river is considered one of the highest challenges a professional rafter can chase and conquer. There are canopy zip lines above the desert that’ll get your heart going. The northwest has wonderful mountain peaks and beautiful waterfalls. Have you ever leapt over a 200 ft fall into a reserve of chilling spring water? In Swaziland you can. You can go abseiling, paragliding, and caving. It’s truly a place for the extreme outdoorsman. Sibebe Rock is the second largest mound of granite in the world and visitors are welcome to climb it.

The local culture supports a huge arts and crafts scene. Mohair weaving, wax sculptures, and soapstone carvers thrive in the local markets. You can catch them on the roadside selling their wares.

Swaziland’s oldest and most sacred area is Mlilwane. This area is highly protected and the nation’s most visited reserve. It resides in a secluded sanctuary in the Ezulwini Valley called the Valley of Heaven. Indigenous tribes reside in the Valley and perform sacred ceremonial dances every evening. Pull up by the campfire and watch the men in the tribes perform. Enjoy organic meals prepared by the women of the tribe. In the morning, you can go on game drives and take in the wildlife. You can even avoid a cumbersome car and take a ride on horseback. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the purple-crested lourie. This rare avian is Swaziland’s national bird.

Wild Ark takes great care to preserve places like Swaziland. The natural reserve where tribes meet and eat are sacred. The flora and fauna native to the land are vital to the delicate balance of the ecosystem. Wild Ark has traveled far and wide and they continue to share experiences and love of the land with people from different places. Learn more: https://au.linkedin.com/in/mark-hutchinson-596329121


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