After Hurricane Harvey US Money Reserve Shows It Has a Heart of Gold

// Published October 25, 2017 by User1

For ten years Austin Texas based US Money Reserve has helped 400,000 clients find the right precious metal to invest in. The expertise of US Money Reserve’s staff has helped to enhance the value of many clients’ investment portfolios.

US Reserve is headed by Philip N. Diehl a former Director of the US Mint. The coins that the company sales are produced by the US Mint and their purity, content, and weight are certified by the US Government.

Over four days, Hurricane Harvey unleashed an average of 52.5″ of rain on Texas. The deluge costs thousands their homes and personal effects.

The submersion of roads and highways were only a part of the havoc the storm wrought on the infrastructure. The most tragic loss of all was the loss of something that can never be replaced; the 82 souls that are known to have perished.

After Hurricane Harvey diminished the misery it caused increased. Thousands found themselves bereft of the needs of everyday life. Water supplies were rendered undrinkable as they became mixed with debris, sewage, and toxic chemicals. Learn more about Nathaniel US Money Reserve:

People were left without any means of washing themselves or the only thing they had left; the clothes on their backs. They were without dental care and other personal hygiene items. It is the kind of scenario that should make us all stop and think, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

As always, mother nature’s worst brought out the best in human nature. Area schools provided free meals to the displaced. Local businesses not only contributed food and water to the relief effort they also opened their shops as a sanctuary to those in need of shelter. Some citizens did the same with their homes.

The monetary cost of the storm’s destruction is $180 billion dollars. That figure is only an estimate. Federal aid will absorb some of that cost but not all.

Recognizing their obligation to their home city and their own employees who were victims of Harvey US Money Reserve has allied itself with non-profit Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN). One hundred percent of the money raised by this alliance will go to Austin Disaster Relief Network.

To a maximum of $100,000 US Money Reserve will match all contributions made to Austin Disaster Relief Network’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund through YouCaring. Monies raised will provide emotional and spiritual care, emergency-housing, financial aid, and transportation.

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