Market America UnFranchise: The Opportunity to Succeed with the Right Attitude

// Published November 4, 2017 by User1

Jaques Lefbvre’s French Tribune article “Market America UnFranchise: The Right Attitude Makes Everything” discusses what it takes to succeed with Market America. Lefebvre reveals some of the secrets of the VP of Sales for the company. One of the main aspects of success according to Jim Winkler, the VP of Sales for Market America, is attitude. He suggests that attitude provides the drive and the positive mindset to encourage associates to work hard and smart. A key business trait, the right attitude allows associates to deal with the uncertainty while revealing what they are willing to do to create more success.

Winkler believes that as the attitude will help associates gain traction in the business, allowing them to remain focused on what they are capable of accomplishing. However, he suggests that people aren’t simply born successful. Instead, people must be willing to learn business skills and methods to develop the right attitude for Market America. He suggests listening to their audios which provide an incredible amount of information.

Remaining in contact with the senior business partner is also a key to succeeding in Market America. It will build the relationship while also providing the newer associate with key business knowledge. Attending meetings and conference calls may be a great way to become involved with the Market America community. The company should also help associates begin associating with those of similar mindset.

Those who are able to use the instructions and motivation provided will allow the associate to become a go getter. If the associate looks at Market America as a successful business venture, one that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, then they may see large returns. However, if they simply


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