Randy Bryce, The Voice And True Representative Of The People Of Wisconsin

// Published November 8, 2017 by User1

End Citizens United was established in 2015 to counter The Supreme Court’s ruling that changed the American elections landscape. In 2010, The Supreme Court decided that since corporations are people, billionaires and companies with special interests can finance political campaigns. Being a Political Action Committee, PAC, End Citizens United is dedicated to reform the American campaign finance system.

End Citizens United receive their funding from grassroots donors. These grassroots donors are against the buying of the elections by billionaires through putting pressure on lawmakers to do something about it. The focus is on supporting the campaigns of finance reformists to be elected into office, passing of national polling measures, and escalating the finance campaign reforms issue to national conversation level.

End Citizens United recently announced their support behind Randy Bryce’s campaign against Paul Ryan for Congress. Word has it that Ryan’s camp is already feeling the pressure. This is thanks to Bryce’s campaign. The race to Congress in Wisconsin is one to be watched carefully. Bryce has been at the forefront of fighting Washington’s corporate greed above the welfare of all Americans. He has been speaking openly about Washington’s lack of touch with reality when it comes to the needs of the average American. Ryan’s unlimited resources have been his major firing power since he can fight back at Bryce’s ideas from all fronts.

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Paul Ryan has been in politics for a long time and has benefited from this in many ways, including being a financial beneficiary of large corporate donors and groups with special interests. These corporates and groups benefit from him being in office. This means that Ryan does not have the best interests of his constituents at heart. Ryan does not have any connection with his constituents, neither does he understand their daily life struggles to create a better future for them.

Bryce, on the other hand, has been focusing on getting acquainted with the people and earning a living through hard work. He receives an average of $25 in donations from an individual. This shows the backing that Bryce has from the citizens. His public lashing on the buying of political candidates has been received positively by the public. This is because they are aware of the economic benefits they stand to enjoy in relation to employment and prosperity. The people of Wisconsin are also aware of how critical it is for them be in charge again of their state and country.

Ryan has actively blocked constitutional amendments that are meant to force political candidates to disclose their campaign finances. This was a major let down to the fight against the current campaign malpractices. All American citizens have a right to know where their respective politician’s interests lie. Ryan has made this fight even more difficult, due to his acceptance of campaign donations from groups with vested interests. End Citizens United believe that every citizen’s voices against these reforms ought to be heard. By individuals forming groups to share their views and posting their ideas on their social media accounts, they can spread the word on the election of pro-reform candidates.

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