The Creativity behind Richard Mishaan Design

// Published November 12, 2017 by User1

Founded in 1991, Richard Mishaan Design has grown popular in luxury designs over the past 26 years. This includes residential and hotel designs. In addition, Richard Mishaan, the brain behind the designs, has become the global architecture and design leader.

Through his career journey, Mishaan has released two books, including the Modern Luxury in 2009 and Artfully Modern in 2014. ‘Artfully Modern’, which was able to sell compared to the first book, focused on the relationship between room design and the room occupant. Its thesis statement stated that all good furniture and decoration could give a great combination regardless of their price, style or period.

Mishaan’s design is greatly influenced by his life experiences and places. He grew up in Cartagena Columbia, making him develop his love affair with colors due to the intense color use in Columbia. As the Halloween season therefore approaches, Mishaan’s design is the choice of many due to its color incorporations.

As we transition from autumn to fall, our choice of colors provokes our senses. This makes it challenging to blend texture and colors to come up with a cohesive design. However, for Mishaan, as long as the variations in style and pattern can blend, variety adds to room beauty and uniqueness.

For luxury hotels, the design calls for a ‘feel like home’ kind of atmosphere, especially in autumn. Mishaan has successfully attained this. In fact, he did such a design for his Cartagena home where he mixed modern, classic, luxury and cozy comfort into one masterpiece project.

Mishaan makes unique designs that have had his expertise featured in top architecture and design publications including the Home Magazine and Avenue. His work has also featured severally in Architectural Digest Elle Décor. In addition, Mishaan has featured in national publications including the New York Times, the New York Magazine and the New York Post.


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