The Halloween Defiance helps condole the people of Manhattan

// Published November 12, 2017 by User1

The idea of adults being so engulfed in Halloween activities could be a bit perplexing. Sometimes you catch up with the person you would least expect to look really awkward with a costume that reminds you of a horrifying movie experience.

In fact, Halloween is the only time of the year when you can imagine or actually catch up with your company accountant in a costume designed for vicious vampires in a movie. His well pressed Monday to Friday suits shed off temporarily for all the right reasons.

In some way, the Halloween season brings back that adolescence defiance in every grown-up person. Children might be in their element and enjoying the moment just as but an adult roaming about with an outrageous costume will definitely feel a sense of running off the grain.

It is this sort of defiance and stepping out of the ordinary that gives life fun moments. The recreational things around this period, including the most appalling meal recipes.

This defiance has proven conveniently soothing for the people of Manhattan after scores of costumed characters poured into the streets for the annual Village Halloween Parade, downplaying an attack that killed eight people hours before the parade commenced.

The crowd of onlookers was notably thinner compared to earlier years which, could most likely be attributed to the suspected terrorist attack.

The attack, in which twenty-nine-year old Sayfullo Saipov drove a pickup truck through a crowded bike path also left two more people seriously injured. The attacker was shot by a police officer in the abdomen and was taken in critical condition.

Police in Manhattan, however, maintained that security would be in beefed up during the festivities, with police spokesman Sgt Carlos Nieves, saying that additional officers would be at hand for any occurrences.

For the people of Manhattan, the defiance attitude this year acts as a message that nothing would dampen their spirits.

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