Bernardo Chua Saves Millions of Lives with Organo Gold Products

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Bernardo Chua, the founder of ORGANO GOLD brand, enjoys celebrity status in his native Philippines. Organo Gold employs thousands of employees and retail distributors in the Philippines and beyond.

The multi-level marketing firm specializes in a broad assortment of health and wellness food products.

Benefits of Organo Foods

For the past 15 years, countless people across the globe have reaped the immense therapeutic rewards conferred by the health supplements from Organo.

The food products retail in the form of tablets, capsules, instant tea and coffee. The products are recommended for people suffering from a vast plethora of medical anomalies like diabetes, gout, hypertension, obesity.

The ORGANO GOLD food products are potent antioxidants, as well. The products are infused with traditional Chinese herbs that serve to improve the body’s immunity. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Order the revolutionary food products today and improve your odds of living a longer and healthier life.

Honorary Awards

As of 2015, ORGANO GOLD had won the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan and 5 People’s Choice Awards, according to In January 2015, Bernardo and two of his colleagues made the trip to receive the coveted awards at a glamorous event held in Hemady Square, Manila.

The Dangal ng Bayan Awards are reserved for outstanding Filipino companies with a global outreach. ORGANO GOLD had inspired and motivated many Filipino brands to better the quality and standards of their products and services under Bernardo Chua.

The organizers honored Chua for his contributions by naming him as the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur of the Year. Bernado Chua is also a past recipient of the prestigious Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Award.

Bernardo’s refined business acumen and skills have enabled the company to set up shop in over 35 countries.

The network marketing firm is a respected household brand name in Canada, Asia, and Africa and in the USA. Today, the Organo brand is found all over the globe where it operates under varying trade names, for instance, Coffee Connoisseur.

Media Mentions

ORGANO GOLD has invested heavily in Turkey. Mr. Chua views Turkey as an important strategic location linking up the Asian, African and European markets. Organo is the 55th leading direct sales company in the world, according to the Turkish Direct Selling News organization.

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