How Susan McGalla Has Succeeded In Male Dominated Industries

// Published November 14, 2017 by User1

There have been statistical studies done which show that companies with a good amount of gender-diversity are 15 percent more likely to outperform their competitors who feature less of this. Other studies show that those companies that are ethnically diverse are 35 percent more likely to do the same versus those companies that are not. The thinking is that the reason for this is that the more diverse companies are more open to fresh ideas. Even with solid evidence backing up diversity, though, C-level positions at corporations that make up the S&P 500 are still overwhelming occupied by men rather than women.

Susan McGalla is a successful businesswoman in the retail and sports industries. She is a woman leader who has been a pioneer in occupying high-level corporate positions. She says a large reason for this is that she grew up in a household with two brothers. Her parents, including her football coaching dad, didn’t cut her any slack because she was the only girl sibling. Just like her brothers, Susan had to earn what she got. This has helped her during the course of her professional career.

Susan McGalla was a leader at American Eagle Outfitters. She attained higher and higher level positions at the company, during a time when it was overwhelmingly men in positions of power at this retailer. She eventually earned the role of president before leaving to found her own business consulting business, P3 Executive Consulting.

McGalla is now in the sports industry and works for the Pittsburg Steelers. She is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. This industry is also, of course, very male-dominated. Nonetheless, she has been very successful in this position. During her time with the Steelers, Susan was instrumental in developing their “wear what we wear” marketing campaign which greatly boosted sales of the team’s merchandise.

It was at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, that Susan McGalla earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing and business in 1986. She worked for a number of retailers over the year until she joined the Pittsburg Steelers, her favorite team, in 2015.

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