Desiree Perez and Jay-Z Partnership Thrive

// Published November 20, 2017 by User1

Jay-Z is a business mogul that transitioned from a career and rap to do a ton of different things. He has part ownership in a basketball team. He has a music streaming site. He has a division of his Roc Nation company that signs athletes. There is another division of Roc Nation that has entertainment. Jay-Z has his hand in a lot of different business endeavors, but he would not be able to do anywhere near as much if he did not have a business partner behind the scenes like Desiree Perez.

One may look at her as the glue that holds everything together for Roc Nation Sports. She has become one of the most successful leaders inside of the Roc Nation camp.

One can look at the grand scheme of what she has been able to do. Desiree handles a lot of different things, but what she is best known for his her ability to negotiate the big contracts. There are other people on board with Roc Nation when it comes to the management of talent and the scouting of new potential Roc Nation athletes and entertainers. There are a lot of people that bring things together when it comes to all the work that is done behind the scenes. When it comes to the contract negotiations, however, the strongest team member is the team leader and that is Perez.

She has become the person that everyone looks to when contract negotiations need to be made. She is putting her time into building strong contracts with Live Nation in order to get things in place for a concert and the live streaming of these events. This is a big deal, and Jay-Z would not have accomplished these types of negotiations without someone like Desiree Perez to finalize the deals.

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