American Institute of Architects Appoints Leads Innovation through Change in Management

// Published December 2, 2017 by User1

     The American Institute of Architects popularly known as the AIA is a professional body that brings to one place architects from different parts of America. Like any professional organization, AIA is responsible for the education, community development, advocacy and supporting the welfare of both its members. Currently, this organization is headquartered in Washington DC and is headed by Robert Ivy as its CEO.

So far, architecture is one of the most paying and covetous careers we have in the world today. Although this is true, it has taken a lot of deduction and commitment to establish this profession. This journey dates way back to New York City in 1857. After critically analyzing the job, a group of 13 architects that included Richard Upjohn who was elected as AIA first ever president, Edward Gardiner, John Welch, Joseph C. Wells, Henry W. Cleaveland, Richard Morris Hunt, Charles Babcock, and Jacob Wrey Mould met and deliberated upon the profession. With the help of other 16 architects, the group was able to draft a constitution for the organization and later on went to register it.

Part of AIA mission was to promote the integrity of the profession and its members, facilitate fellowship and learning programs for it members, and importantly, evaluate the profession. After the incorporation of AIA, an architect could only be allowed to practice the profession after he or she was licensed and approved by the body, unlike in the previous years. In addition to this, all the buildings and constructions within America were first to get approved by the institution before any works commenced. This checks and balances were important as they helped sanitize the profession and also improve the infrastructural integrity of America’s construction industry.

Recently, the AIA appointed Robert Ivy to continue with the oversight role of the institution. Before assuming the CEO position, Mr. Robert Ivy had been at the Architectural Record as their chief editor since 1996. In addition to architectural duties, Mr. Robert is quite passionate about the development of the industry and has been actively involved in the sensitization of knowledge through his publications.

Robert Ivy comes with experience and proven track record of success. Some of the awards that prove Robert’s success record include the G.D. Crain Award. This award is a lifetime award for Ivy’s excellence in editorial services and was presented to him in 2009. Robert was also honored in 2010 when he was named a “Master Architect” by Alpha Rho Chi.

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