Thrilling Nightlife of a gay advocate and events promoter Mario Diaz

// Published December 4, 2017 by User1

There are people who thrive in doing those extraordinary and most unexpected things in life. They end up creating a world of their own where they find and foster their happiness. Mario Diaz is such man. He is not afraid to speak out openly about his gay sexuality and his indulgence in the nightlife.



From an early age, Mario says that he harbored an idea about creating a world where self-expression, sexuality and fun are not limited. The Los Angeles resident has brought his ideas to life by creating events such as Full Frontal Disco and Brutus.



His love for the nightlife started when he sought to create events that were ” more interesting than what was available “during his days in highs school days in Seattle. When he moved to New York City, Mario felt that the quality of life he was looking for was not forthcoming. He decided to create an experience that would satisfy his inner needs and wants.



Mario is now the center of a documentary, Club King in which he opens up about his life growing up and penetrating the nightlife of big American cities. The vocal and candid advocate of LGBT laments that whereas men have been advancing considerably in their efforts to have the voice in the events industry, women have lagged behind. In an interview, Mario cites laments the diminishing nature of clubs such as Casanova in NYC city adding that women, “never really supported each other that well.”



He takes pride in his achievement in the nightlife scene, noting that it has come from clearly figuring out what he wanted quite early in life. Through the years, Mario has organized successful events and says that he mostly prefers activities that comprise a wide range of LGBT personalities.



Admitting that he has witnessed a change in people’s attitudes towards the LGBT community. Mario says that society still has a long way to go.


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