Paul Mampilly Highlights The Effects Of Amazon’s Entry Into The Healthcare Stock Market

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When Amazon went public in 1997, its shares were priced at $18. The company was operating as an online bookstore. Eventually, Amazon grew into what it is currently with different categories of merchandise, including music streaming, movie streaming and food delivery services. Nevertheless, the company does not show signs of slowing down its expansion strategy. Recently, the company focused its attention to the healthcare stocks. Paul Mampilly, a renowned investor, discussed the implications of Amazon’s latest investment move.

According to David Larsen, Amazon’s entry into the healthcare segment of the stock market was expected. David serves as an analyst at a highly regarded company known for its proficiency in healthcare stocks. For 20 years, Paul Mampilly worked on Wall Street. Paul remarked that David was among the most accurate analysts on healthcare stocks. Mampilly encouraged his readers to pay attention to David Larsen’s advice because each healthcare stockholder is likely to be impacted if Amazon joins the market.

Paul Mampilly said that the stocks, which Amazon is interested in, are likely held by a number of his followers. He noted that the dividend-paying stocks would make Amazon’s move distressing for the portfolios of other stockholders. He elaborated that once Amazon targets these pharmaceutical companies, their stocks would begin to fall. The stocks continue with the downward trend. To this end, they are classified as safe. This means that the business has several entry barriers. Mampilly provided another perspective, which was echoed by Linda Cahn. Linda said that the company would be disruptive instantly if they employed a creative approach. Cahn is a pharmacy consultant and analyst.

According to Paul Mampilly, Amazon is focusing on the prescription drug market and the move is bad for the healthcare stocks. That is because companies targeted by Amazon are known for lacking transparency. Bringing transparency to the sector could stop the large amounts of money that middlemen receive. This way, the threat posed by Amazon has resulted in the shift of stock prices. Mampilly contends that healthcare stockholders should expect that the trend will continue into the foreseeable future.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur. He started his financial career in 1991 by working for Deutsche Bank. Over the years, he has controlled many accounts worth millions of dollars. Additionally, he has managed accounts for the Royal Bank of England. Paul has won many awards, including the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition. Under his transformative leadership, Kinetics International Fund grew exponentially owing to his effective strategies with the $6 billion hedge fund. For many years, Paul Mampilly has been featured in different media channels, including CNBC.

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