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// Published December 7, 2017 by User1

Recent research has been conducted by specialists to try and understand why it costs an arm and a leg to own hearing aids. The price of a hearing aid is farfetched costing from around $900-$3500 per ear. The price is expected to go down in a year or two; The Food and Drug Administration Reauthorization Act has laid down guidelines for selling over the counter hearing aids to individuals who have partial hearing problems.

Before hearing aids can be introduced into the market the F.D.A has to test the aid for effectiveness, how safe they are and set a labeling standard for each aid. The Act is centered on cost reductions when companies continue to invest in improvements the cost becomes slightly high; to be able to pay for good audiologists. The new law makes it easy to access hearing aid at $300.

Barbra Kelly the Director of Hearing Loss Association of America gets so many calls concerning patients in need of help paying for their hearing aids. The association refers most of these patients to foundations like Lions club or Medicaid. Although such clubs are beneficial bills must be presented before Congress for the costs of hearing aid to be covered.

Research shows that the cost of hearing aids and stigma associated with hearing aids is a major reason why 80% of the patients with hearing problems do not get any form of help. Hearing loss causes underlying problems like falling, cognitive problems plus poor social behaviors. Apart from hearing aids becoming cheaper the president of an audiologist Angela Morris states it is only advisable to see an audiologist for your first check-up before buying a hearing aid; certain hearing conditions can be caused by something a hearing aid cannot correct.

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