L.A. To Employ Homeless In This Motion

// Published December 8, 2017 by User1

Los Angeles may prove itself as one of America’s most progressive cities yet, in the near future. The city is considering employing its homeless to clean up its streets.

Around 200 requests per day, regarding litter and garbage, are sent through to L.A.’s 311 mobile app and website. 311 services provide Los Angeles citizens with a route of contact with city authorities and officials. Cluttered streets and trash are consistently among the top three most reported issues.

The City Council has already motioned a pilot program which will employee homeless people to clean up discarded trash, debris and other nuisances from Los Angeles streets. The motion was introduced namely by officials Joe Buscaino, Bob Blumenfield and Nury Martinez, and is currently up for consideration by the L.A. Department of Public Works and Gang Reduction.

Los Angeles’ Bureau of Sanitation, a branch of the Department of Public Works, typically deploys a party of city employees whose expertise is “often needed for more complex projects.” Considering all of the other issues city employees should address, in addition to the sheer amount of trash littering L.A. streets, this sort of entry-level maintenance should be outsourced to social justice organizations that can hire homeless citizens. The new motion references graffiti abatement programs in similarity, which outsource services to contractors who, then hire transitional workers to clean up buildings and structures tagged with illegal street art.
With almost 60,000 homeless people in L.A. County alone, Los Angeles could both enlist a small army of employed cleaners and quite possibly help the less fortunate at the same time. This new motion, if approved, could clean up the street on two, separate fronts.

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