The Human Race Faces One Great Problem – Being Offended By Facts

// Published December 10, 2017 by User1

Believe it or not, some people still become violent on hearing words that hurt their feelings. And, some even put on masks to hide their identities when they physically assault others. If these people are not cowards, then they must be cupcakes who have long forgotten the motto that sticks and stones that hurt the bone, but words never.

If you said Mohamed was a pedophile, you wouldn’t escape the wrath of Muslims. On the other hand, AitiFa would teach you a lesson you mustn’t forget if you dared walk past them praising Trump for being a great president. And if you uttered that the Jewish holocaust was a hoax, not one but more than fifteen countries would not hesitate to give you a proper sentence, thanks to World Jewry.

There must be something that people are afraid of, and that is the truth. It is said that truth cuts like a two-edged sword. And if you are a hater, you would call facts “hate speech” without minding your hypocrisy. Haters will silence you since their agenda is evil. Haters are lovers of material wealth. For them, ‘love your enemy’ is a fallacy. Christians since time immemorial support violence against those who own a plant. Immigrants have turned against America, loathing it for trying to keep them out. Instead, they should have hated their countries even more for encouraging them to migrate.

Everyone mentioned here is a victim of the ruling class that cheats everyone they rule. Their ultimate goal is to control everything that is said before it is said. They own everything including the Congress and the presidency. They don’t want the US constitution to be taught in class anymore. A patriot believes in the Constitution and has a right to say anything without fear of violence against them.

Desist from asking people to leave America while you don’t even know what made the nation great. Stop getting offended and start helping the world to grow and flourish.

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