Remaining True to Counter Culture

// Published December 11, 2017 by User1

In America, the history of counterculture is one that is well-known by all. It is a story rooted in the sixties. This was an era plagued with fears and frustrations. Counterculture started rising as a challenge to American culture and politics at the time. The youths started rejecting the imperialist policies of the Cold War while continuing with the intervention in Vietnam.

The youths at the time had become disenchanted with the prevailing social values of conservatism and materialism. As a result, they started turning against the authorities and started looking for alternatives. This led to the formation of the New Left. The feminist movement also started gaining momentum around this time.

Underground Culture

The formation of the New Left led to the rise of the punk subculture. Its rise led to new fashion, new music, and similar ideologies. Doc Martens and leather replaced the tie-dye and sandaled. Piercings, dyed hair, and tattoos were used to represent non-conformity. The Northwest was swept by Riot girl. Traditional ideas of gender expression became inverted before being finally thrown out.

Today, it has become hard to pinpoint what makes for counterculture, but many believe that it has become an amalgamation of all the previous ideas which are found in community art gatherings, D.I.Y. scenes, as well as in far-left activists groups. Generally, if you were to try and identify counterculture for what it once was, you will quickly come to the realization that it has already started going mainstream.

In the United States, the most identified counterculture revolves around being anti-establishment. From a historical perspective, counterculture has always encompassed divergent political views. In the US, the culture has always been at the core of all liberal based ideas, and it’s vital that everything is remembered in its context. As things stand, counterculture is nothing if you do not encompass its revolutionary politics.

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