Underground News At New York City Marathon

// Published December 12, 2017 by User1

Yesterday, New York celebrated their 40th marathon, and the theme this year was women. This included women who have sicknesses and women facing domestic violence on a daily basis. The race featured men, women, and children. There were over 10 thousand people participating in the marathon, and all the contenders fought hard until the finish line was reached.


The winner of the marathon was Shalane Flanagan. After the win, Shalane Flanagan talked about how she trained for almost a year for this marathon. In addition to coming in first place, Shalane Flanagan was the first female American to win the marathon. Upon receiving this information, Shalane became very emotional, and she stated how she hopes her win will be an inspiration to all women in America.


Though Shalane Flanagan winning was mainstream news, there was something special going on in the race that was kept at an underground level. Hundreds of chefs from around New York were participating in the race. Many of them shut their restaurants down for the day. They did this as a salute to the participants in the race, and they also wanted to promote healthy living.


A lot of the chefs ended in the top hundred. After the marathon, most of the chefs gave interviews to the press. They described how they were all secretly training for the marathon. They wanted their participation to be a surprise.


This morning, thousands of chefs and store owners sent out social media posts stating they will be participating in the New York City Marathon next year. Chefs who participated in the race happily responded that they are thrilled they were able to inspire someone. Even the mayor of New York made a comment this morning about the chefs participating in the marathon. The mayor said it was nice to observe a change in New York for the better. The mayor also said he hopes more people make the same sacrifice these chefs made yesterday.

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