Boraie Development Becoming a Symbol of Renewed Growth To Atlantic City

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The Boraie Development LCC, based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, is a private company that is engaged in property management, sales/marketing and specializes in real estate development, their most significant expertise.

Boraie is known for working with professional contractors and visionary architects who aren’t just professionals by title but also professionals in attitude, and whose principle coincides with the company’s belief that the success of all projects comes from the timely completion of contracts.

Omar Boraie is now contracted to develop 250 new apartments in a complex known as The Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City. It is expected to house around 50,000 people who make a living in the resort town. The vice president of Boraie Development LCC, Wasseem Boraie promised the future renters in this apartment complex that Boraie knows what modern renters need and want and that is why they would provide them with modern amenities such as gyms, resident lounges, and pools as well as other leisure activities. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

This enormous project, one of the biggest of the company and one of the boldest ones in the history of the Boraie Development, is seen in Atlantic City as a symbol of optimism for renewed growth and activity in the city.

Atlantic City is known as a gaming paradise that rivals even that of Macau and Vegas, but in recent years, the gaming industry in the city has been paralyzed as neighboring cities up their game in developing their own gaming industry.

The gaming fame of the Atlantic City might serve as a bad reputation for the accomplishment of the bold project of the team, but the choice of Atlantic City could not have been more spot on.

Atlantic City sees hope in other investments such as the Atlantic City Gateway Project and of course the apartment complex which Boraie Development LLC is developing.

The apartment complex project by Boraie is Atlantic City’s first market-rate development for the last 25 years, and the hope is to revive the city’s mostly outdated housing stock. The website reported that the 61% of the housing stock in the city is over 40 years old. With that, the 250 new apartments with modern amenities by Boraie is seen to liven up the city’s housing and promote more business opportunities to the city. The apartment complex is paced to open next summer and is also expected to set a higher standard of living in the city. You can visit Yahoo to search more details.

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