BBC Discusses Counter Culture in the 1960s

// Published December 14, 2017 by User1

In a period article published by the BBC recently, contributors discussed the process of development and overall impact of the 1960s counter cultural movement. As most BBC readers and subscribers are well aware, the 1960s marked a tumultuous period in America’s history. With the onset of a highly unpopular war, Vietnam, and social and political dissensions at an all time high, many people who lived through the time period describe feeling as if the nation was on the verge of exploding. In the period piece regarding the 1960s counter culture focused on the events that led to the movement and the way society is still responding to the effects of this movement.

The counter culture of the 60s became a notable historic period as a result of mounting tensions between American citizens who were coming of age in the 1960s and the well established adults of the time who came of age in the 40s and early 50s. Because the country was still recovering from the Cold War, a war which polarized communists nations against capitalist ones, social strategists who had lost popularity and followers during the war began to focus their efforts on the developing University process. It has always been understood that as a nation’s young people decay, so goes the nation. Americans in sympathy with the communist movement began to infiltrate the University system in an effort to pass on their world views.

As of 1965, the nation was in the midst of the counter cultural revolution. All of the largest cities in the United States had growing Universities that were petri dishes for the expansion of socialist, counter cultural world views. While many people think of the expansion of hippie and bohemian cultures, the promotion of excessive drug use for “mental expansion,” and the anti war sentiments, they often overlook the political impact of the counter culture. The nomination of Bernie Sanders, a hippie socialist that came of age during the counter culture, to a major party Presidential election seat shows the significant devastation that the counter culture movement caused.

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