Rocketship Education: Tackling Challenges

// Published December 14, 2017 by User1

Rocketship Education is a leader in the education revolution. They believe in the power of the individual and are dedicated to the fight for every person to achieve greatness. They operate over 20 schools in 3 states and were founded in 2007. Their educational style requires that lessons be catered to student’s unique needs. They are a nonprofit dedicated to the mission of eliminating the achievement gap in our lifetime. Their Califonia schools have been recognized as ranking in the top 10% of schools serving underprivileged communities. Additionally, their techniques result in their students, also known as Rocketeers, performing significantly better than their traditional public school counterparts.

A great school is built on the foundation of a great staff. This is a fact that Rocketship Education knows too well. Their hiring process is detailed beginning with only the most qualified candidates. They ensure that every teacher is well versed in essential STEM subjects. They also provide quality training throughout the teacher’s career further ensuring they have the tools essential to their success. Every instructor takes the time to meet with parents before the school year begins. While meeting in the child’s home the teacher is able to discuss the unique needs of the child. Additionally, they are able to get a comprehensive idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the student. This information allows them to plan a specific learning plan catered to these factors.

Even with excellent programs in place there is still work to be done. For example, when one of the districts Rocketship Education served in San Jose was hit with flooding they were compelled to act. Families were without food, housing or even clothing. The compassionate team staffing the local school began distributing hot meals and clothes but the school felt compelled to do more. Reaching out to local nonprofit organizations the school was able to raise over $62,000. This money funded many relief efforts such as supplying families with money for new rent deposits and even insurance deductibles. Many parents were pleasantly surprised by the school’s support. Rocketship Education knew however without these essentials many students would be unable to achieve the greatness they are capable of.

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