George Soros Supporting the Democratic Ideology Wholeheartedly

// Published December 25, 2017 by User1

George Soros is one of the most popular figures in the United States politics and is also well-known in the political circles in many different countries for his widespread influence in the global politics. George Soros is not only a dedicated democrat with an inclination towards liberal ideology, but also a highly successful businessman, philanthropist, author, and a thought leader. George Soros believes that it is imperative for the new generation today to think liberally and follow your heart rather than follow the conventional norms that have been developed for a generation to craft a future they belong to. He has always spoken about racism, marginalization, injustice towards refugees, black people, and immigrants, health reforms, public health issues, education, women empowerment, and more.

Recently, George Soros transferred a sum of $18 Billion to his charity named Open Society Foundations. It is a foundation that he started with the aim to reach out to as many people in need globally and help in rehabilitating them. Open Society Foundations has collaboration and partnership with hundreds of regional charity organizations globally, which helped the Open Society Foundations to penetrate different parts of the globe and work towards a better tomorrow and future for the next generations. Having grown up in Hungary as a Jew and then witnessed Nazi Occupation and Holocaust in Budapest from his own eyes, George Soros knows the power of politics and what it can do. It is his early experiences and his observations on how the world has changed over the years that has crafted his political ideology.

George Soros is also one of the biggest and the most influential political contributors in the United States and has been directly or indirectly linked with the U.S. elections for the past couple of decades. In the recent U.S. Presidential Elections, George Soros backed Hillary Clinton for Presidency and donated close to $30 million directly and through Super PACs. George Soros believes that the financial wealth and associated resources that he has gathered over the years puts him in a position to help make a positive difference to the society. George Soros is worth close to $26 Billion as per Forbes, and his net worth continues to increase with time as his investments reap benefits.

George Soros is one of the most successful and intelligent investors in the financial history, and the massive wealth he has accumulated is the live example of it. George Soros is highly inspired by the ideology of Karl Popper, who first the term Open Society, and after which he named his foundation as Open Society Foundations. George Soros believes and propagates the fact that no thinking or ideology has the monopoly of truth and absolutely everyone and anyone has the right to believe in whatever they want. George Soros says that no one and no organization or body should try to impose their thinking on the others else it would bring back the society to the ages of communism and Nazi domination. It is, for this reason, George Soros believes in democratic governance and supports it wholeheartedly.

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