Lime Crime Breaks Into China’s Beauty Market

// Published January 3, 2018 by User1

The cosmetic company Lime Crime has taken a unique approach to selling it’s makeup line in the Chinese market. China’s strict regulations posed a challenge to marketing Lime Crime’s beauty products to retails shops and the general public. Their marketers out of the box thinking and savvy approach to marketing has helped them break through the country’s strict regulations while staying true to their beliefs as a company.

LimeCrime, has been in business for the past 8 years. As a company they specialize in youthful, vegan makeup products marketed towards unique individuals. As a vegan company they never test their products on animals. One of the many reasons their client base loves them. This posed a problem when Lime Crime tried to market their products to the Chinese market. China requires that all beauty products sold wholesale in the country to first be tested on animals. There was only one way around this problem and that was to ship directly from the United States to the Chinese public. Knowing this the company was faced with a new challenge. They knew they would have to change the way they marketed to the public.

There were a few obstacles to over come. If they chose to ship directly from the U.S. Their customers would have to worry about international returns and paying duties and taxes on top of their purchases. This also posed a problem for Lime Crimes customer service with a language barrier to overcome.

The solution the make up company found, was to partner with an online company, Revolve, a e-commerce fashion platform who was trying to expand their beauty platform as well. This proved to be a beneficial partnership. Starting with a seed consumer base, the company hired semi well know individuals who were passionate about their products to help advocate the brand. Much of their marketing was done by word of mouth and product hype online. In an effort to reduce the risk of consumers purchasing fraudulent products, they made it clear that their online platform was the only place to buy authentic Lime Crime products. Their new approach to marketing has brought their products to an entire country.

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