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Sussex Health Care Audiology employs a team of highly trained professionals who are devoted to providing stellar healthcare to their patients. Located in Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex, they specialize in hearing loss due to age-related reasons.

The SHC staff fits hearing aids and provides hearing aid aftercare for their patients and for other clinics in the area. They use only state of the art technology and equipment to provide the best in staff and patient safety, auditing of infection control, risk management and staying on top of company policies and procedures.

Sussex Healthcare is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service which is licensed by The Royal College of Physicians. They provide a program that trains healthcare professionals in service improvement, patient safety and care, procedures and examinations and diagnostic testing. Each employee at Sussex Health Care Audiology has received the proper training to deliver only the best of the best in patient services.

In order to hear, sound waves enter the outer ear and make its way through the ear canal ending in the eardrum. When the eardrum vibrates, sound waves travel to the bones stapes, incus and malleus. These bones begin to increase and sends the sounds to the snail-shaped part of the inner ear called the cochlea. The vibration of the sounds cause fluid in your ear to ripple.

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An audiologist studies balance disorders, hearing and hearing loss. Hearing loss has lead to depression, dependency, loss of employment and social isolation in many adults. Many people who suffer from hearing loss feel socially and professionally awkward. 40% of adults who reach the age of 50 suffer some sort of hearing loss. The number goes up to 70% when you reach the age of 70 years old. It doesn’t happen over night, hearing loss usually occurs gradually over time. You may suffer from some sort of hearing loss if you are starting to mumble, if people need to repeat themselves during conversations, if you are having trouble hearing in loud environments or if you have a hard time hearing the telephone ring.

If any of these hearing problems are becoming an issue for you, you may benefit from a hearing aid. There are several different hearing aids that can enhance the quality of your life. Hearing aids have the capability to make speech clearer, enhance background noise and make you more aware of your surrounding voices and sounds.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology has helped many patients suffering from Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition where buzzing, ringing or whistling like sounds traveling throughout your head. This condition is common in many people over the age of 40 years old. Thanks to smartphones and social media, it is becoming more popular in younger people who frequently use iPods or MP3s.

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