Moving Towards the Future with Dr. Mark Holterman

// Published January 4, 2018 by User1

Growing up with parents that had never gone to college and being raised on his families farm, Dr. Mark Holterman was a good student in high school and with being that way a teacher of his thought he should think about going to one of his favorite schools, Yale University. While attending Yale, Dr. Mark Holterman majored in biology and graduated in 1980 and after that, he attended medical school — University of Virginia (


Dr. Mark Holterman treats a wide variety of conditions which can go from cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases to an orthopedic injury. Dr. Holterman promotes wound healing with stem cell therapy, which it accelerates tissue growth. Along with that he has improved success for transplants. Dr. Mark Holterman has research in stem cell therapies and successes in this clinical trials are including creating a synthetic trachea and that comes from the patient’s bone marrow cells, and are used to replace a damaged trachea in a surgical implantation. And Dr. Mark Holterman is also co-founder of The Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies. With all this research going on for this therapy, it’s indicating that cellular therapies may be a benefit for patients who have an auto-immune disease, especially when it’s being used from stem cells that are derived from the umbilical cord.


Dr. Mark Holterman is always researching new therapies, performing surgeries, giving lectures and educating individuals with articles, being a professor at the University of Illinois, and along with doing all that he does he is also the CEO of Mariam Global Health (Doctors.HealthGrove). Even though he is a busy man with all the duties he has throughout his planner — he supports many health-related charities one being International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for Children of Vietnam or IPSAC-VN. Dr. Mark Holterman not only donates his money — he gives his time doing what he enjoys such as being a full professor, researcher, practicing surgeon, philanthropist, etc. As a CEO of Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark Holterman plays a detrimental part in their researching of finding out new treatments and cures for the common medical maladies.


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