Reporting Live From The Frontlines Of Success With Glen Wakeman

// Published January 5, 2018 by User1

The experience each person has serves to shape their future. If your experience is just one big pile of successes, as collated with smart moves, while garnering further development of your business acumen in the process, then you are likely one of the few in this world that can give back to tell others what they need to do to be more successful. Putting one foot in front of the other, day after day, while being mindful of whether advancement is occurring, is really all any single person needs to be more successful, and to recalibrate as needed. That said, however, there are some among us, like Glen Wakeman, who has decided that all the experience and success he has had might be worth something to someone else, so with his eponymous website, and massive history of a series of successes, he set off to let others know how he got that way.


Landing on his homepage says it all: the very first line is “Define your 10 commandments.” This is a message to those struggling to develop better work habits, and to create more success for themselves, to go ahead and create a list of rules upon which you base all your moves in business. Mr. Wakeman has worked in numerous countries and spent over 2 decades working at GE Capital (PremierGazette). Through his time at GE, he was involved with mergers, acquisitions, startups, integration processes as well as downsizing. If there was ever a person a lot of people can learn something from, Glen Wakeman should be in everyone’s “top 10” list.


The art of being an entrepreneur, author, global business executive, and mentor is something developed over the course of many years and is purely the experiential byproduct of success. With all of that success, he has decided that a major force of success has to do with articulating expected behaviors, and then to hold yourself to the highest standards you would anyone else. Finally, and this is something a lot of people struggle with as they grow their career, is learning to delegate effectively. Glen Wakeman says there is a framework to do all of this, and he welcomes you to learn more on his website about how to build greater success for yourself.

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